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'Come to the show' officially hit 20k views Nov 23rd, 2020!


"I feel like I would hear this song in a movie" was the unanimously decided opinion of Come to the Show, $wish's recent release which centered around heavy drops and spooky sounds. So what did he do? well, made a movie out of it of course. Watch along as $wish is bitten then chased by a paranormal shadowed figure, only to later allude to the fact that his tormentor is none other than his own demons and hauntings. He runs until realizing it is too late, as the video ends in dramatic fashion under a full moon.

PROgression records's new home is in the final stages!


with all of these packages full of studio equipment coming in, it feels like Christmas has come early! Progression records his set to officially open its doors January 2021, but a few lucky guests are going to be getting an early look as soon as December 1st. You can sign up to be one of the early guests or book a session in January below:

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