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Bex Prairie

Project Manager




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we handle business. you handle creating. (3)

Let me help your next project reach its goals

Navigating the music industry is tough; take it from someone that has been studying it diligently for years. My interests began while I was still playing ball and attending college at Georgia Institute of Technology, which you probably know as Georgia Tech. The university's position in Atlanta, Georgia, directly contributed to how I ended up in the music industry because let's be honest, it is the undeniable next capital for music. I learned how to leverage relationships and talk business at Georgia Tech, but it was not until I worked with the true independent artists of my city that my passion was fully aflame. They're the ones with the most creative visions and helping them bring it to life is fulfilling. I am an expert on helping you launch a successful campaign, whilst staying within budget. Check out my offerings below and submit to be considered.

Basic Services

Team build-out

Marketing Roll-out

Account Optimization

Social Media Campaign Mgmt

Consultation Service

Structure a team within a month to support your career using my connections and understanding of the industry. Member examples: sync agent, publisher, ads manager, PR agent, tour manager, business manager, discord manager, etc. 

Structure a marketing plan for a single project including dates, content ideas, etc. for a campaign roll-out. Additional fee for paid ads structuring. 

Set up all necessary accounts to get you paid. I’ll walk you through what each revenue source includes and how to account for what you’re owed. This will save you hours of independent study of the industry.

Structure and execute a social media campaign, focusing on your specific goals for the project. Up to 3 social media apps utilized for no additional charge. 

Consult with me about your entertainment career! I am very knowledgeable about the industry, and am happy to set you on the right track for achieving your goals. 

Best seller

Premium Services

Not all submissions will be accepted for any services deemed "premium"

Acting Publisher (non-administrative)

Public Relations Agent

All-encompassing Single/Project Campaign

NFT or Web 3.0 campaign


Pitch your songs for syncing, playlisting, collaborating, etc.

Guaranteed articles on your project at the best prices on the market. Package only. No a la carte.

Build and execute a campaign for a project or single. I will help you budget, optimize both accounts and socials, pitch your song for both sync and playlists, build and execute a schedule on your behalf, provide write-ups and content creation for the PR package of your choice, build out and progress manage your team, and be available daily for consultation on navigating the industry.

I have partnered with THENFTPROJECT.IO   to bring you Web 3.0 based campaigns including NFT rollouts, DeFi and gap bridging website development, etc. 

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Request Artist Services

Thanks for your interest! I'll get back with you within 24 hours.

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