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At the Studio

Mixing & Mastering

Do our mixing & mastering goals align with yours?

Our engineers work with 3 main goals in mind for mixing a track:

1) Your genre. 

We spend time learning the genre you intend to market to. This allows us to capitalize on recent trends and genre standards, while still emphasizing your unique sound. 

2)Complexity vs. Simplicity.

To ensure the track is how you want it, we will have a discussion on desired complexity. Do we need to break out all the tricks and plug-ins or do we need to maintain the structural integrity of the track as it was brought to us, just cleaning things up? 


We want to meet your deadlines. We also want high quality mixes. Because of this, we will only take on projects that allow us to deliver on both of those promises. 

Our engineers work with 2 main goals in mind for mastering a track:


We will level the different sonic elements of your track to give a balanced, clean sound.


We will make sure that your track will sound like a finished product no matter what platform or device it plays from. 

Brushed Metal

Let’s Work Together

Whether you're ready to get your track worked on or have questions, our team will get back to you in 24 hours or less. 

    Thanks for your business!

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