PROgression Records is:

-high standard music production

-collaborative in nature

-a competitive environment

-an honest and fair contractor

-leading the way in cross-genre exploration


PROgression Records’ original slogan of, "You can't undermine a record that just keeps spinning," is a recreation of the old adage "You can't beat someone who doesn't give up." The idea behind it is that PROgression Records and its staff will keep progressing, no matter how small the movement, in the right direction. What does the "right direction" look like for us? 


1)Artists under our label are able to monetize their expressions as their true, authentic selves.

2)Artists that record at PROgression Records are able to push themselves and experiment in new ways because of the eclectic environment surrounding them. 

3)The music industry becomes a more authentic place, even if in the slightest bit, because of us.



Chavez Parker

Recording Engineer

Chavez Parker better known as Big Vezy, has been in love with music his entire life.After graduating high school, Vezy then moved to Nassau, Bahamas where he studied music performance for two years. Later, he attended Full Sail University in Orlando FL where he got his Bachelor's degree in Music Production. Big Vezy produces Rap, Trap, R&B, Pop, and Lo-fi and has been doing so since 2013. He has since obtained his Master's in Music Production from Berklee College of Music (Valencia Campus). After leaving Spain, Vezy moved to Shanghai, China where we played keys at all major live spots around the city while being a english teacher. After that full year in Shanghai before going back to the Bahamas, Vezy made a stop in ATL and is currently positioning himself to become the next super producer in the music industry. 

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CJ Hobson.JPEG

Cardarious Hobson

Recording Engineer

I'm an audio engineer taught by Alan Shacklock. I also produce, so I have an ear that helps in finding  what your looking for in your recording. I have a lot of patience with my clients. If you're ever stuck, I can help guide you. No worries and good vibes. Let's rock out. 

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G Miles Gaylen.JPEG

G Miles

Recording Engineer

I am a multi-instrumentalist currently experimenting with sound creation, editing and enhancement. Have worked on personal and commissioned projects in a continual bid to advance skill set. Looking for collaborations and projects that invite innovation and demand excellence. Energetic team player and quick learner. Possess solid technical capabilities, keen attention to detail and strong work ethic. Partial to R&B/Hiphop.

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G Miles

Joshua Sellem.JPEG

Joshua Sellem

Recording Engineer

I love all genre's but am partial to EDM, Hiphop, and Pop. I do parkour in my free time as well as build patches with synths and modular gear. I'm only 17 but have an extensive knowledge in music and music technology. Let's work.

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Philip Hoegel.JPEG

Phil Hoegel

Recording Engineer

Phil's pursued music and A/V production since childhood. He has 3 years of experience in mixing audio for live television as a Sr. Audio Designer and 6 years of experience with field audio engineering. He's produced content with Johnnie Walker, the Foo Fighters, and is an A1 for Turner Sports, covering events such as Super Bowl LIII. His musical influences include Golden Age Hip-Hop, Alt Rock, EDM, Classic Rock, and a growing appreciation for Dirty South Rap since moving to Atlanta a decade ago.

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Benjamin (Lamar) Rose.JPEG

Lamar Rose

Recording Engineer

I'm 23 and started working in R&B. I will make sure that whatever vibe you are going for I will put 100% effort into achieving. Let's vibe and make some music.

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"It's organic. I don't feel forced to lay something down or speak about stuff that isn't true. We're all catching a vibe and getting together to bring it into fruition."

—  Aubrey "Atoken" Holloway