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The PRO Collective

The PRO Collective

Turning True Love Into Auditory Art

Most often, a bride referring to her wedding day says things like “I want to go back” and “I wish I could freeze time.” Pictures and videos partially scratch this itch, but what’s missing is the energy and emotion of her big day. The PRO Collective aims to capture this aura and allow each couple’s love story to craft a unique piece of auditory art. We start with a consultation, during which we aim to grasp the unique love story that lead to this big day. Then, we give you the option to assign artistic characteristics to the song such as genre, quotes, or bpm. Then, we go to work crafting your custom song, taking special note of the things that make you tick as a couple. Once you’ve received the song, you’ll be given the option to make any revisions and tweaks you may want. That’s because we want this track to stay with you forever, and in order to do that it must be perfect. Ready to get started? Schedule a consultation by emailing or see our FAQ below for more details. 

Wedding Celebration

 Your first dance shouldn’t be to a song that thousands of other couples have. With us you are a ONE of ONE

Frequently Asked Questions

1)Why should I go with The PRO Collective for my custom wedding track? 

Answer: Because this is all we do! We have a tried and true method of creating custom tracks that will stay with you for a lifetime. We know you’ll love what our team has to offer because of the countless client testimonies and options available to make sure everything is perfect before the big day!

2)How long will it take to receive my custom song? 

Answer: Once we have completed the consultation stage, crafting your custom song should take no longer than five days, with most being completed in three. If you need revisions, you can expect to receive it in another three days after that. 

3)What if I don’t want the couple to know about the song?

Answer: We love a good surprise! If you don’t think you have enough information on the couple to complete the consultation questions, we are happy to help you gather that information in a discrete way.

4)I heard there was a referral discount. How do I receive it? 

Answer: Tell the person you refer to let us know who referred them at checkout. At this time, we will return $350 of your total bill. 

5)What if I want the song presented as live music at the wedding?    

Answer: If you live in the United States, you’re in luck! Just let us know this is something you’re interested in and we will try to provide this service for you at an additional cost, which depends on location and date. 


~ Mr. and Mrs. Parker ~

"My wife put me in charge of the song for our first dance. I went to my groomsmen panicking. One of them had heard of The PRO Collective and I worked with them to craft a song from scratch that explained the story of our first date. Seriously saved the day!"



~ Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez ~

"I bought a custom wedding track for my daughter on her wedding day. I wanted her to have a present that would remind her of the love her and her husband share."

Example of our Work:

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