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about $wish by $WISH

I’ve always felt that the thing that sets the best musicians apart from the seasonal ones is a sense of authenticity. They not only have their own style on the track, but their lifestyle isn’t based on trying to shadow everyone else.

Based on this idea, I set some goals and couldn’t wait to graduate high school and move into the heart of Atlanta to make a name for myself. However, before I could even learn to EQ, I lost my dad to a motorcycle accident. My whole life flipped on its head. People tried to help, but I preferred no part of it.

Music seemed to take me into someplace far away, the only desire I had at the time. I quickly became obsessed with Learning ProTools and all it has to offer. When faced with the decision of what to do after high school, I chose to go to a music school, Recording Connection, where I got the opportunity to work day in and day out at Stankonia Studios in Atlanta.

I've performed 13 times since then and worked diligently to improve my stage performance, 

fan base, and musical understanding. We've got some big events coming up

 in 2021, so be on the lookout! Until then, check out my tracks.

 What's taking you so long?


After a year of releasing solely singles, $wish is finally giving his fans the EP they've been waiting for. From the jump, the project provides listeners with a strong pop hook that is sure to grab attention before moving on to his more niche-specific sound of alt-rock. Overall, this project beautifully displays the versatility $wish fans have come to know and love while somehow still maintaining a consistent theme throughout. When $wish was asked what made this EP special, he stated "


January 15th, 2021


Fan Art